Bryan Campbell
B.A (Specialization Economics), MBA,PMP, CSM, ITIL   
Cypress, Texas
Engagement Director working for a global, IT consulting company specializing in object oriented software development projects focusing on
advanced technologies (Java/J2EE and Microsoft C#/.Net) following the Rational Unified Process (RUP) and Agile Development techniques
(XP, SCRUM, Agile Modeling etc.). Reporting to the Senior Vice President of Professional Services, responsible for engagement management
of staff and projects, defining project management processes, ensuring engagements were delivering on-time and on-budget and managing
relationships with key customers.  Also responsible for creating responses to Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and developing Statements of
Work (SOWs) for project opportunities.  Involved in pre-sales activities for opportunities and responsible for developing marketing collateral on
project management delivery practices for use with inside/outside sales.

  • Mentored a large scale Iterative Development program of more than 100 project participants on a $100+ Million project for a Fortune
    100 Insurance company.  Provided program and project management mentoring for adopting a Rational Unified Process based project
    approach using Agile methods and Craig Larman’s System Sequence Diagram, Domain Modeling and Operation Contracts techniques.  
    Guided the creation of a Program Management Office leveraging a System of Systems program structure.  Assisted with estimating
    models (based on use case points), education and application of iterative development techniques and ensuring project delivery across
    multiple projects.  Developed a mechanism to measure skills adoption progress in advanced technologies and iterative development.  
    Directly managed a team of more than 20 senior IT consulting professionals.
  • Project Manager for an eight month, J2EE/Portal implementation at a specialty-line (Farm) Insurance company.  Introduced iterative and
    agile software development approaches including high visibility project management techniques such as a Wall of Wonder, a project Wiki
    and daily stand-up meetings based on Scrum.  Also introduced a Use Case Point estimating approach to determining project size and
    complexity.  Emphasized the introduction of Continuous Integration using Cruise Control and a Test First Development approach.  
    Delivered functionality in short two week iterations with demos provided to key stakeholders.
  • Developed an enterprise Iterative Software Development Methodology based on the Unified Process and aligned with an existing,
    internally developed custom development process for a Fortune 500 Insurance company.  This work involved creating a comprehensive
    set of activities and artifacts that mapped to an existing roles inventory within the organization.  It also included providing templates and
    examples for artifacts across all disciplines within the project lifecycle and mapping these to RUP artifacts, existing corporate standards or
    developing new artifacts.  Facilitated a series of discussions on current and target state for the SDLC within each discipline and mentored
    internal resources on the adoption and application of the methodology.  Leveraged Rational Builder/Organizer and Workbench to create a
    software development website.
  • Managed several Java/J2EE/WebSphere projects in the Life Sciences industry, developing specimen tracking systems for genetic tests to
    identify cancer.  These were green field development projects requiring the management of all disciplines of the software development
    lifecycle.  Delivered the project following the Rational Unified Process and its disciplines.  Responsible for managing delivery, resourcing
    the project and developing project plans following an iterative development approach blending the Rational Unified Process with eXtreme
    Programming.  Managed client relationships and grew the account to a $1Million/ year account.  Technologies used: Java/J2EE,
    WebSphere Application Developer 5.0, WebSphere Application Server 4.0, Rational Rose, SQA Defect Manager, PVCS.
  • Project Manager for an offshore development project using Indian resources based in Chennai , India with an architecture team onsite
    with a large re-insurance customer.  This seven (7)-person project, six month project delivered a web services, object oriented
    Catastrophe Analysis application developed in Microsoft .Net.  Delivered following the Rational Unified Process methodology in a series
    of 2 week iterations over six months.
  • Created detailed proposals for customer solutions across a range of services:
  • Custom Software development:  Developed several proposals with detailed project plans, parametric estimates and resource
    matrixes.  These estimates included function point counts, use case counts, ground-up PERT/GANNT schedules which had been
    resource leveled and estimated.
  • Architecture assessments:  Reviewed customer capacities in both Java/J2EE and .Net and offered recommendations on how to
    approach future projects to align with strategic goals.
  • Mentoring and knowledge transfer (Software Development Project Management using the Unified Process and agile
    development), and
  • Offshore development services:  Analyzing processes to ensure high levels of development productivity between offshore and
    onshore teams.

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April 2002 to July 2005
Valtech Technologies Inc
Engagement Director
projects for large customers and growing business within the software development practice.  This involved directly managing the day-to-day
activities of 15 digitalESP project staff ranging in skill sets from developers to senior object modelers and architects.  DigitalESP specialized in
object oriented software development and focused on the delivery of web services architecture.  As a small company, successfully managing this
role required the ability to develop large fixed price contacts, manage profit and loss, direct project staff on a daily basis, maintain customer
relationships and successfully deliver projects on time and schedule.  Projects were managed using the Rational Unified Process (RUP) and
complemented with agile development methodologies (specifically eXtreme Programming techniques) a more detailed description can be found
Real Development Practices - Blending RUP and XP.

  • Project manager for $5Million (US) web services project web services project with 18 consulting staff and more than 20 customer staff
    to deliver an object oriented, web based insurance quotation and binding solution for a large insurance company. Project delivered on-
    time and on-budget. Customer satisfaction with the project and its delivery resulted in significant growth in the account and its revenue.
  • Developed detailed project plan for this 18 month-year project following the Rational Unified Process (RUP), blended this with
    agile development techniques (such as paired programming and unit test framework).  Project Plan encompassed all key workflows
    disciplines including Business Modeling, Requirements, Analysis and Design, Implementation, Test, Deployment,
    Configuration/Change Management and Project Management.
  • Responsible for developing initial project estimate, selling the proposal and plan to the customer, resourcing staff and managing
    profit and loss on the account for the project.
  • Developed detail processes to manage change requests and established change management review board to prioritize change
  • Developed tools to report project progress, risk status and earned value across the project lifecycle.  Communicated these
    measures from C-level executives to managers and directors
  • Grew the account from an initial $400,000 contract to a $4Million/year multi-project account.

  • Published the following articles:

August 2000 to April 2002
digitalESP Inc. (acquired by Valtech Technologies Inc.)
Engagement Manager
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P&L responsibility for US delivery operations of a global professional services organization specializing in advanced software development and
Agile/Lean transformation and mentoring.  Responsible for directing Field enablement strategies to improve productivity and delivery success
and coordinating globally consistent delivery practices.  Directed resource allocation, utilization and provided overall management to support
successful customer delivery services for a wide range of clients in Life Sciences/Financial Services/Transportation and Media.  Managed 8
Directors (Consulting Operations, Proximity Centers, IT, Training and Projects Directors) and more than 150 consultants and contractors to
support revenue and profit margins for the US division of the company.  Directly responsible for all vendor contracts ranging from contract
(Corp-to-Corp, Independent) to product contracts.

  • Instrumental in the development of pricing models, utilization targets and a retooled organizational structure that moved the company from
    a net EBIT loss of $85K to a profit of $325K in one year.
  • Instituted a standardized delivery process and a common set of performance measurements for delivering all solutions that allowed
    revenue base to grow by 20%.
  • Introduced enterprise tooling solutions to streamline recruitment process to enable a 50% increase in hiring with a 20% reduction in
    recruiting staff.
  • Moved the company from an Excel based profit management and resource allocation process to an internally developed tool called
    Valtrack which provided real-time visibility into profit margins on accounts, projects and employees.
  • Retooled the corporate training function by focusing on an Agile training curriculum with s simplified pricing model which moved the
    training function into profitability for the first time in three years.
  • Introduced a standardized corporate knowledge using the Altassian Confluence Wiki for all US employees.
  • Introduced ITIL driven IT support practices and Service Levels for IT support requests
  • Introduced business continuity services between Dallas and College Station offices to provision disaster recovery services for enterprise
  • Guided the establishment of three Proximity Centers over 18 months in Dallas, College Station and Oklahoma delivery services.
  • Introduced quarterly objectives and review process for all employees and tied these to corporate strategies
  • Led the recommendation to introduce a new Sales Force Automation (SFA) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool using Personally developed workflows and alerts to manage opportunity development and support.
  • Created pricing models for use on all proposals and developed proposal generation process for creating and storing proposals using
    Confluence and
December 2006 to June 2008
Valtech Technologies Inc
Sr. Vice-President, Delivery Services
July 2005 to December 2006
BMC Software Inc.
IT Director, Global Sales and Operations
Managed a team of 23 full time and contract staff supporting BMC Sales and Operations processes. Managed quarterly and annual objectives
and performance reviews and developed budgets for each three costs centers.  Responsible for managing a large scale, global Siebel
application (Siebel 7.53 and associated Siebel components) with users across the globe.   Ensured coordinated ITIL compliant releases of
enhancements to applications and the introduction of new systems.  Managed budgets and objectives for several cost centers.  Extensively
involved in contract negotiations with vendors on a wide range of services and product solutions.  Worked with Sales, Partners, Professional
Services, Product Operations and Product Distribution departments to identify and prioritize initiatives and deliver IT solutions to meet these
needs. Ensured ITIL based operational support of existing applications.  

  • Directed the skills enhancement efforts of Business System Analysts, Designers and Developers to adopt processes based on
    Agile/Scrum development techniques.  Introduced techniques such as Domain Modeling, Executable Requirements, Test Driven
    Development and Continuous Integration.  
  • Implemented a number of major system enhancements including a new product hierarchy based on Green and Gold products aligned
    with different support agreements, established Electronic Product Distribution project to facilitate EULA and Export Compliant product
    downloads, implemented Sales Proposal Generator for Sales/Marketing proposals, directed a Partner Certification system to manage
    partners and their resource/skills capacity, implemented several Professional Services systems to support engagements and profitability
  • Transitioned development and support for applications to an offshore model.
Reporting to the Chief Information Officer for the ENMAX group of companies, this was a strategic role that also required hands-on project
management skills.  It included the creation of an I.S. organizational structure to support the business requirements of the ENMAX Energy
Corporation.  This involved developing an organizational structure, hiring staff reports and preparing the IT environment for de-regulation and
competition. ENMAX Energy provides energy retail services to more than 600,000 utility customers.   Actively involved in analyzing and
reviewing several large merger and acquisitions from a billing and call center perspective including evaluating systems alternatives and developing
pricing and budget models.  Aligned IS objectives to ENMAX Energy objectives, managed operational and capital budgets, implemented a
measurement and reporting system and developed strong business relationships with all departments in ENMAX Energy.
  • Coordinated five development resources for customization of a large billing and customer information system using Banner’s CIS system.  
    Developed requirements verification, code review and quality testing techniques to ensure stable and reliable code delivery.  All code
    modules delivered for integration with no High severity defects.  A $2Million 12 month project delivered on time and on-budget.
  • Implemented Zainet’s Caminus energy trading solution a $1.5Million, 12 month project with four resources (one analyst, two developers
    and one tester).  Responsible for developing a comprehensive plan to support trading through a power pool with hourly and daily
    settlements, hedging and risk analysis.  Worked closely with business area to define business processes and ensure configuration of
    system to support trading rules.
  • Managed implementation team responsible for the delivery of a power billing system using UTS Power Billing and other modules for the
    company’s largest customers.  Developed detailed project plan and directed 12 resources (two analysts, one architect, four developers,
    two testers and one DBA) over 12 months to successful completion.  Requirements specified in use cases, PowerBuilder components
    developed against a component framework purchased from a leading utility billing provider, test cases traced to use cases and automated
    through test scripts custom written in PERL.  
  • Directed implementation of a Contract Management system ($250,000, 3 months with two resources and one project manager)
  • Managed a $1Million dollar CRM application implemented using ONYX CRM for the Sales and Marketing Departments.  Reviewed
    product alternatives, recommended CRM solution, developed implementation plan, managed project implementation over six months.  
    Successfully delivered on-time and on-budget.
April 1999 to August 2000
ENMAX Corporation Inc.
Information Services Manager - ENMAX Energy
Responsible for the planning of all IT technical architectures and providing project sponsorship of all IT capital projects to implement target
architectures.   Reporting to the Director of Information Services, this key IT management role involved developing an enterprise architecture
based on industry best practices that linked business objectives and key drivers to IT architectures and initiatives.   As Planning Manager,
responsible for ensuring consistent project management techniques for all IT Capital projects greater than $1Milllion (25 large initiatives ).


  • Project Manager for the implementation of a fully switched network backplane and the creation of a new data center to support the
    implementation of a new Billing system.  This $850,000 project involved a team of 10 individuals and successfully replaced the existing
    network infrastructure with a minimum of outage time in a three-month period.
  • Project Manager for a two person project team from IBM to create a Data Architecture that included both operational and analytical
    corporate data requirements.  The final recommendations were presented to TELUS Mobility Executive and received approval to
    proceed, which included a $1Million Data Architecture project.  Involved in the recruitment of a senior IT management position for a Data
    Resource Manager to coordinate and implement the Data Architecture recommendations.
  • Project Manager for the implementation of a Computer Output to Laser Disk (COLD) for large Billing system implementation using
    Filenet Panagon software.  This involved an OCR/ICR implementation affecting more than 1,000,000 complex billing records each month
    managed through a series of billing cycles.  This $250,000 project over two months with four resources was completed on-time and on-
    budget and allowed TELUS to save more than $600,000 in its first year alone.
  • Project Manager for the implementation of an enterprise wide, integrated messaging and calendaring solution (Microsoft
    Exchange/Outlook) to replace several legacy systems.   Managed five resources in this $1.5Million project which was delivered on-time
    and on-budget.   
  • Defined an enterprise architecture to guide IT projects to ensure a consistent, scalable and reliable environment to support business
    growth.  Coordinated the development of this architecture through facilitated discussions with all IT departments and key business
    stakeholders.  Developed a website (accessible via the hyperlink above) to enable rapid and ubiquitous access to enterprise archtiecture
    standards.  The Enterprise architecture was based on elements of the Zachman framework, however, the principles of the website design
    were intended to minimize maintenance and to leverage the corporate investment in standardized office authoring tools (such as Word,
    Excel, Powerpoint, Visio etc.)   
  • Managed the negotiations of several large contracts with key system vendors (Oracle, IBM, Platinum, Filenet) and assisted in the
    outsourcing of Network Operations to ISM-BC and TELUS Advanced Communications.
  • Created the business case and received Executive approval for the implementation of an Enterprise Security solution at a cost of
    $685,000.  Initiated the implementation of the project which included amongst its components an enterprise Single Sign-on solution
    (Platinum Technology).
  • Developed an Internet Strategy for the company that involved coordinating a series of off-site planning sessions with a cross-functional
    team.  Recruited and managed a full-time contractor to implement business recommendations from planning sessions.
  • Assisted in the technical architecture design of the Project Nexus Billing system implementation, which consisted of an AMDOCS,
    purchased HP/Oracle solution fronted by a Winframe terminal session delivering a Power-builder application to more than 300 concurrent
    users in multiple sites across the province.
August 1997 to April 1999
Telus Mobility Inc.
IS Planning Manager
2000 - 2005   University of Athasbasca     Master’s of Business Administration specializing in Information Technology Management

January 2002  Received Alberta Lieutenant Governor's Award for Academic Excellence

2000 - 2001    Advanced Graduate Diploma in Management    University of Athasbasca

1993 - 1996    University of Alberta     Master’s of Business Administration   

Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT)
Scored 600 (80th percentile over 3 years), scored in the 92 percentile in language and communication competency

1988 - 1984 University of Alberta Bachelor of Arts Specialization in Economics

1984 - 1981  Paul Kane High School, St. Albert Advanced Diploma
Responsible for assessing business requirements for technology and translating these into technical solutions.  Reporting to the Director of
Information Management and the Vice-President of Sales this role required interfacing with several out-sourced systems provider (ISM-A and
VOLT Information Sciences) to implement requirements for the business.


  • Project Manager for the implementation of Lotus Notes as an enterprise messaging and calendaring solution.  This included the
    development of a number of workflow applications that allowed specific business units to automate and re-engineer key processes.  This
    $2Million project had 15 full time staff members over six months, while the project was over-budget it was due to external events (a larger
    merger) outside of direct project control.
  • Managed the implementation of a commissioning system for the Sales Department that aligned sales commissions for two organizations as
    part of a merger between TELUS and EDTel.  This involved coordinating the efforts of two developers in data modeling and application
  • Actively involved in the management of service levels, operations and issue management with billing system provider VOLT Information
January 1995 to August 1997
TELUS Advertising Services (acquired by Verizon Information Services)
Account Manager, Information Management
directly with the Division Vice-President and was involved in working with user areas capturing requirements, analyzing these requirements and
developing systems to realize these requirements.  In addition, coordinated LAN and workstation support (Tier Two and Three) after Tier One
Help Desk Assignment.  Managed a group of five employees developing and support applications.

  • Setup and management of the first LAN network within the Department over a 4MB Token Ring network,
  • Developed a complex regression analysis application using Visual Basic to calculate actuarial rates for employer assessments
  • Implemented a 'pre-Internet' form of information sharing for employers known as a Bulletin Board.  
  • Developed custom SQL reports in FOCUS to generate datasets for analytical applications I developed in SAS.  
  • Managed a team of five employees in the creation of electronic documents to communicate to internal staff and Alberta employers.  This
    included mentoring junior staff into software development and system management capacities.
  • Created a business case, received executive approval and managed and recruited for a project to create the WCB BBS, an electronic
    bulletin board service running PCBoard that provisioned electronic information and services to employers across Canada .  This included
    developing an advertising campaign for the service and establishing management processes for the production system.
  • Developed a rate setting application in Visual Basic to calculate anticipated revenue from employer assessment rates including a
    forecasting mechanism
April 1990 to January 1995      
Workers Compensation Board of Alberta
Business Analyst, Employer Affairs
Responsible for creating industry wide safety associations, including the creation of the Alberta Trucking Industry Safety Association (ATISA)
representing 7,000 employers and $500 Million in annual payroll
November 1989 to April 1990  
Workers Compensation Board of Alberta
Program Coordinator, Work Injury Reduction Program
Key member of a special project team responsible for marketing and implementing a series of changes to the Experience Rating program
affecting 20,000 employers in the province
April 1989 to November 1989  
Workers Compensation Board of Alberta
Classification Officer, Employer Classification Department
Communication liaison between the WCB and Alberta employers concerning requirements under the Workers’ Compensation Act and WCB
November 1988 to April 1989  
Workers Compensation Board of Alberta
Assessment Information Officer, Assessment Department
Professional Affliliations
Certified ScrumMaster (CSM)
Professional Project Manager (PMP)
Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) Foundation Certified
Personal Interests / Accomplishments
Cub Scout Leader for Pack 978

Black Belt in Mo Kempo Karate

Bagpipe player with the Clash of the Tartans pipe band

Founding member of Online Reality, a network gaming business which introduced the first
network Doom tournaments

Hosted FM radio show for three years

Crisis Line counselor for three years
Detailed Resume
Word 97-03
Detailed Resume
XPS Format
An accomplished Information Technology (IT) with extensive Project Management, PMO and IT Governance experience.  
PMP, ITIL and CSM certified with 20 years experience in the management and architecture of large scale technology
solutions for a variety of industries.  Direct experience creating organizational structures, hiring and managing staff,
establishing objectives and provisioning performance reviews from Directors to individual contributors.  Experience within
several disciplines of IT including Enterprise Architecture, Software Development, Application Support, Data Centers,
Account Management, Vendor Management and contract negotiations.  Experience managing Profit and Loss, Budgets and
defining Strategic objectives to ensure profitable and scalable organizations.
Professional Summary
June 2008 to present
BMC Software Inc.
Sr. IT Program Manager
Reporting into the IT Project Management Office (PMO) responsible for IT Program delivery of large scale technology initiatives using BMC
standards and processes.  Project delivery responsibilities include:
  • Implementation of a global, enterprise content management system using a Software as a Service (SaaS) for and internal
  • Implementation of a global, learning management system for BMC Education department and for internal employees
  • Implementation of a Professional Services Automation (PSA) solution using a SaaS solution provider.
Also responsible for collaborating on the development of an Agile methodology for the IT PMO.